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Multichannel (up to 6 channels) MP3 recorder carries out independent recording of the audio signal for each channel. It serves for the storage of speech information received by telephone, microphone, radio stations, voice modem or others sound sources in the numerical form and reproduction the information. There is a possibility of playing channels simultaneously with recording. The program supports up to three sound devices for recording and one for operating playing. The operating playing has two modes - hand-held and automatic. The channel with the more priority always plays in the automatic mode. The program has three modes of start - normal, systrey and hidden. The program CtrlStart controls mode of start of the main program. The preprocessing of a signal is carried out in dependence on specificity of a signal before recording on each channel. Each record is saved as MP3 of the file. The filename contains time of a beginning of recording, number of the channel and duration of recording. The files of the determined date are stored in the directory, which name corresponds to a starting date of recording. The location of sound files for each channel is set individually. The number of channels of the program, supported in the registered version, corresponds to number of channels indicated at the order of a registration key. The unregistered version of the program supports 6 channels.

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